2015 autumn and winter, you must 3 trends

wind direction 1: Swiss element wonderful debut

this autumn and winter will flash a lot of Swiss elements?! Cheese, cow, chocolate, flag, snow capped mountains? Yes, it & the 65 anniversary of the establishment of elements, the Swiss Pumianerlai, is the winter aroused infinite yearning for this distant land: the Alps chilly air, white snow between the red car in the cabin of the cheese Hot pot, and have a unique style of folk dances and songs of Odell, of course, if temporarily can not fly, then wear a full Swiss watch snack bar elements!

GR? EZI ALL series

wind direction 2: Sports wind fusion hit color, fluorescence

2015 autumn and winter sports in Daxing wind, wind movement fusion of beautiful color, become a metrosexual man fashionista essential LOOK. The trend of people know the color of the road, do not need a lot of scheming, fun color can make yourself outstanding! Color overhangs, creative, completely without fear of the dark winter collocation is too boring!

  a wrist watch hit color instant light body in the opposite direction of the dislocation and some unusual Swatch printing show the distinctive style of abstract soft line collocation cream, like a wrist ice cream, this winter, with a future hit hit color!

motion fusion series

if the color is insurance move, then the BlingBling fluorescent color, is the best means of cool. Autumn and winter street movement, must be equipped with a fluorescent and graffiti matched trend watch. The appearance of "style", highlighting the fluorescence profile inside the camouflage pattern is from the inside to cool in the end. Put on your shoes, pick up the skateboard, take the streets!

motion fusion series

wind 3: Science and technology shine

is there anything more than science and technology that can evoke a desire for a new trend and a whole new sense of freshness?!

  factory wind swept wrist: in recent years, the main wave of steel cement factory swept the streets, whether it is streamlined restaurant design, or low-key home decoration, factory wind will undoubtedly become a popular benchmark. This whirlwind will sweep the wrist at the end of 2015, Swatch technology are series first factories to wind in the wrist deduction, gives new meaning to the factory wind, texture design simple and classic appearance atmosphere pattern, low-key introverted personality is added a bit of mystery.

technology fashion series

strong incoming sense of the future: the future is often a sense of cool style wonderful endorsement, Swatch fashion series wrist futuristic shadow magic will be pondering the end, mirror, runner, precision graduated, these science fiction film common future elements, now appeared dial, to convey to the future inexhaustible. "