The Big Mac watch


(IWC) in 2016, SIHH launched a new pilot series, which has a large pilot heritage watch extremely suction eye, because its dial diameter up to 55 mm, 55 mm but this big Mac! Friends said, you can put it down in the outside, definitely enough to pull the wind.

large pilot watch 55 and 48

this special for the German air force production of the super watch was born in 1940, the case diameter of 55 mm, weight of 183 grams. It is in accordance with military specifications, such as watch of stop device in central seconds can accurately synchronize watches for different adjustment, the specialty of leather watch strap is also convenient to watch the flight jacket. And the watch is only a limited number of eye-catching 100, to collect it quickly started. Of course, in addition to 55 mm, IWC also introduced a suitable for daily wear of 48 mm, limited edition of 1000. Hold can not live 55 mm can also be a section of 48 mm.

large compact unique

in the wrist to wear a large pilot inheritance watch 55 (model: IW510401), one thing is certain, that is: shine. The big pilot watches the 55 distinctive design that makes anyone who wears it unique. IWC engineers based on the classic design, to reproduce watch replica the original size of the pilot watches in 1940, the difference is that the new products with titanium material. This ultra light material to follow the modern pace, the weight of less than 150 grams, and stainless steel to create the original table of the same as the original 183 grams in the wrist wearing a sense of comfort. Large size at that time advantage. On the one hand, the larger movement ensures the accuracy of the precision of the navigation and military watches. On the other hand, the large size of the dial to better meet the requirements of the pilot clear digital signage and easy to read. At that time, dial design history to the cockpit instrument oriented layout: design from the same can quickly and reliably read technical value even in a poor light conditions. Dial with a matte black, watchmaker to Arabia large numbers replica watch paypal and minute display line scale coated with thick beige radium. Because of the health risks posed by radioactive materials, it was not until several years later that the world was informed that it was replaced by a harmless material. Today's use of Super-LumiNova® * luminous coating ensures excellent readability. Minute laps, Arabia numbers and propeller pointers retain the beige color of the original table.

minute circle again add the triangle logo

blue steel pointer is still a clear example of quality. After 2002, a large pilot watches subsequent sections omitted the number 9, in today's new table, the figure back to its established position. The "12 o'clock" is the number of a point with a mark on both ends of the triangle instead, which, even in the dark, just a glance at the dial, you can know >