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We are a group of jewelers, metalsmiths, lapidaries and artists with a passion for gemstones! Our Minnesota store never quite looks like a jewelry store since we are always working on something new. If you like gemstones and jewelry and want to be part of the creative process, you'll love it here! We carry unique gold jewelry, diamonds and loose gems, as well as gemstone beads and jewelry making supplies

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Brad Anderson

I have been collecting rocks since Edina had gravel pits and cutting them since high school. I love watching my kids mature and enjoy all types of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, fishing, pheasant hunting and cross country skiing. I have always enjoyed experiencing other cultures so I consider traveling overseas for work a bonus. Especially if my wife, Shelly can take the time to come along! I've hunted with German Shorthaired Pointers ever since I had a place of my own and am currently raising my fourth, a puppy named Zoey.

I really try to foster an atmosphere of creative freedom at Veberod so the rest of the staff can pursue their passion for gems and jewelry in whatever direction it takes them. I believe in hiring people who love what we do so much, the best days don't even seem like work :-)

kingsley traveling.jpg

Kingsley Neubauer

My fascination with jewelry started when I was just a kid wearing all of my parents’ gold rings around our home. I began making jewelry in high school when my parents encouraged me to take metal smithing classes. My teacher noticed I had talent and an intense interest in the jewelry trade. She got me a job here at Veberod where I’ve learned an incredible amount from everyone.

Jewelry-making is now not only my job but also my hobby and passion. When I’m at home you can usually find me in my workshop cutting stones or fabricating all kinds of jewelry from scratch .There are always so many new techniques and skills to learn. I push myself to learn more about jewelry making each day whether it’s something ground-breaking or common knowledge.

My other passion is travel. I enjoy exploring new places, visiting historic sites, and immersing myself in different cultures. I also like to see what kind of jewelry they wear.