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Custom Design Service (intro)

Custom Design

Looking for that unique piece of jewelry that's "just right"?  Creating custom design jewelry is our specialty and our passion!  We love working with our clients to create one-of-a-kind pieces  that will be cherished for generations to come.  From weddings to anniversaries to birthdays and far beyond, we know that custom jewelry can make a special event that much more special! 


If you're not familiar with the custom design process, we'll help get you started.  Looking for design ideas?  Want to learn more about the gemstones we work with?  You can visit our Custom Design page here to browse our prior custom work and gemstone galleries.  Or schedule a design appointment by entering your information in the "Schedule a design appointment" form here or on our Custom Design page.  We look forward to working with you!

Repairs & Redesign

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Repairs & Redesign

Regardless of how well it's built, well-loved jewelry often needs some maintenance or repair from time to time.  In fact, we highly recommend that you have us check your favorite pieces for wear and tear to ensure you don't lose precious stones.  Along with our custom design and production services, we are also able to offer a full range of repair services!  In fact, almost all of our repairs take place in-house by goldsmiths with whom you can communicate directly.  This type of one-on-one service is our specialty.  We want you to know we're taking great care with your special pieces.

Old Becomes New!

Trends and lifestyles come and go, and our customers often find that they're not wearing jewelry that was once very meaningful to them.  Perhaps you've been gifted or inherited jewelry that is special to you but is just something you'd never wear.  Bottom line is that it's difficult for jewelry to bring joy when it's sitting in a drawer and not being worn.  

We can help!  From custom cutting stones to replace a broken or missing one, to changing a setting to more securely hold an item you'd like to wear with more frequency, to completely redesigning a piece altogether, we can help you redesign items and release them from their formerly hidden status!  Consider some of the stories below.  Then dig out your treasures and bring them in.  We love giving old and forgotten jewelry new life!


A New Stone

Our customer loved her mother's ring, yet the stone was broken.  We custom cut a new, preferred stone, bringing this ring into a new era of wearing.


Transformed Pins

Well loved, but seldom worn pins, gifted from our client's grandmother, became a beautiful set of earrings.  What a lovely way to remember someone special!


Loose Gemstones

These stunning London blue topaz gemstones were in need of custom settings that would both protect the stones and match our customer's personal style!

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