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Show-stopping elegance!  This absolutely beautiful 2.94ct red spinel is set in a Mokume Gane wood grain pattern of yellow, rose and white gold. Although, spinel comes in many colors ranging from cool purples and grays to warm oranges, pinks and reds, this deep red is particularly beautiful. Rich in history, red spinel has masqueraded as ruby in Europe’s crown jewels for centuries! In fact, some of the most famous “rubies” in the world (Black Prince's Ruby, Timur Ruby and others) are actually spinel!  You can treat yourself to this stunning piece and feel like royalty for just $3,400.00.  Current size:  8 1/2.  



Burmese Spinel and Mokume Gane Ring

  • This piece is a one of a kind. It may not be available if it has sold in the store this week.

  • We will gladly size the ring down no charge. There is a small charge to size the ring up, depending how much.

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